Top Menu was the first business in the province of Quebec to gather restaurants by location on printed flyers. Founded in 1998, the Montreal-based company had the mission to give greater visibility to local food makers and to answer a common question : What can I eat in my area today?

With more than 20 years of experience, Top Menu now offers a web solution that contributes to the restaurant industry development, while providing a delivery and take-out research tool to consumers. With this new platform and mobile app, you can easily pick the best local meals within the largest choice of restaurants. Your order will be instantly sent, then delivered as fast as possible. More specifically, this tool includes the largest restaurant selection in Canada and compares the costs of the different delivery options, allowing you to get your meal at the best price.

step by step


Enter your street address


Choose the restaurant that fits your taste


Select the delivery option that will benefit you the most


Choose the meal that pleases you


Confirm your order


Enjoy your food!